Oar / Paddle


Alex Bogdanov

“Breeze” is a 10′ (3m) double paddle canoe. Two sheets of plywood needed. Stitch and glue construction using 3″(75mm) fiberglass tape in epoxy for all seams inside and out. The deciding factors when designing the boat were mostly the same as with all my designs - seaworthiness and lightweight.


Kevin Coombs

A stately 10′ rowing/sailing tender originally designed for my own first time build which is currently underway. I wanted an easy to construct boat, yet still retain the techniques and appearance of traditional lapstrake planking.

Unicat 2.4

James Brett (JB Watercraft)

The Unicat 2.4 is all about practicality and safety. Packing a 230kg load capacity, the Unicat is suitable for 3 adults, and the inverted vee hull is much more stable than conventional dinghies. The high freeboard also ensures a dry ride in most conditions.


robert reynolds

Here is a fine little working type punt that feels at home in the marshlands, as well as the open bay waters.She is 14′-9″ long and was designed around a working load, with a draft of about 3″.

SOLO FISHER 45 kayak

zouaoui nassim

Pdf and dxf files (for cnc machine) of solo fisher 45 kayak — set of parts plans and assembly instructions downloadable files.This SET OF PLANS will get you going to bild your own SOLO FISHER 45 Kayak.


Perttu Korhonen

Luonteri is a “trail hiking kayak”, that can be divided into three parts. It makes storage and transportation more easy. In addition, the kayak can be transported as a “cart” with one wheel along roads or trails.


Alex Bogdanov

After numerous requests for a larger version of our “Happy Hour” fishing kayak here is the result. “Long Weekend” is not a mere scale up. Bottom is V-shaped which improves tracking and ability to handle small waves. The slightly narrower beam makes the hull fast. Stability is great.

M-Yak 500

Klaus Metz

The M-Yak 500 is a sleek and fast sit-on-top kayak for one or two paddlers that can easily built in stitch-and-glue.The 4′-2″ long open cockpit offers enough space for two average sized paddlers.

Kingfisher II

Perun Boats

Kingfisher’ II is was developed directly from Kingfisher. Hull shape was modified with with flatten side line and reduced height. Other hull dimensions remain the same, width of 93 cm, flat bottom and slim shape gives good stability and maneuverability.

8 ft Dinghy

Colin Wood

This is a simple 8ft stitch and glue sail/row pram. It requires only 3 sheets of marine plywood and should be very fast, easy, and inexpensive to build. It should end up just over 80lb so easy to transport as well.