Oar / Paddle

Sectional Canoe

Young S Chung

You can enjoy paddling easier and funnier with less budget because it’s made of plywood, sectional and you can build one in a week.


Andrew Walters

“Trixie” began as an idea for a small and simple to build plywood tender, able to get out to a mooring with two or three on board, that was very light, incorporated wheels to enable transport to the slipway, was designed to provide the maximum space from two sheets of 1/4″ plywood, and could be p


Woods Designs

The LINNET is a seaworthy rowing boat that has been specifically designed for sea use. Accordingly it does not have outriggers or a sliding seat while a small daggerboard is fitted to help prevent being blown sideways by the wind. A good load carrier, LINNET can be rowed by 1-3 people.


Peterson Associates Inc.

10′ x 3′8″ Double Ender Dinghy.Designed for paddling, rowing or sailing and for construction in laminated wood or fiberglass.Able to carry on car top as canoe or on boat deck as yacht tender.Seats three and has two rowing stations.Uses two removable leeboards and rudder-tiller combination for sai

Eastport Nesting Pram

John C. Harris

Chesapeake Light Craft’s Eastport Nesting Pram shares its hull with the popular stock Eastport Pram dinghy, a champion 7′9″ yacht tender that can carry a decent load, rows and tows with ease, and sails beautifully.

The Open Boat

Jim Flood

This is a design for a basic hull made from one piece of closed cell foam 1m x 4m x 50mm thick.

Optimist Dinghy Template Plans

Clark Mills

If you are considering building a wood-epoxi Optimist dinghy, you will definitely need our Optimist Dinghy Template Plans.

Sandy Point Boat Works Whitehall 14

Sandy Point Boat Works

This 14′ pulling boat was inspired by the Typical Whitehall Designs uses as work boats of the harbors of New York a century ago. Altered to be more of a recreational boat, you will find that pulling the oars on this boat is a delight.

Original Gloucester Rocker

Buckley Smith

It’s hard to imagine you could make a nicer gift for your favorite munchkin. Created by Buckley Smith (author of Moonsailors) this animated rocking dory is oozing with personality.

9' 6" Nutshell Sailing Kit

Joel White

Our pre-cut kits are cut by computer-guided routers to provide you with accurate parts. And, the kits come with just about everything needed except the elbow grease.The ladder frame—the “foundation” of the boat—is now included with the kit.