Boats for Sale Online ads are run on a prepaid basis only.

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  • All Listings are [ARB] Automatically Renewed/Paid every 30 days, until you notify us to Cancel.
  • Boats for Sale must have Wooden Hulls.
  • $20.00 base fee (before word counts/images are factored).
  • $0.10 per word.
  • $3.00 per image. Limit: 15 images.
  • WoodenBoat does not use abbreviations such as OBO, FWC, DCFB, etc. Please spell-out words for maximum clarity. Punctuation is free.
  • All Listings are approved before going live; usually within 24 hours.

All information you enter on this first page is what will display in your ad except for your email address which will be hidden from the public by a form. User will have to use a form to send you an email.

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