Oar / Paddle

Sparrow Hawk

Mark Rogers

The Sparrow Hawk is proportionally downsized for the smaller paddler.



MAGIC TIMES is a wooden boat for fishing and hiking which combines comfort of stability and aisance of displacement vieu its light weight it can be easily transported everywhere.

Ozona X Nesting Pram

JF Bedard

Bedard Yacht Design’s Ozona X Nesting Pram evolved from the hugely popular Ozona Pram and a significant demand from cruisers for a nesting dinghy, slightly larger.

F1830 Tandem Sit On Top Kayak

JF Bedard

The F1830 is the newest BYD design and the tandem version of the F1430 Sit On Top kayak. It is a second generation boat, with an optimized hull and simplified kit. This boat will easily carry 2 adults and a big cooler, or 2 adults and a couple of small kids.


Perun Boats

Kingfisher’s shape was inspired by famous Chestnut Prospector. Hull width of 93cm, flat bottom and slim shape gives good stability and maneuverability. It is designed for crew of 2 with additional equipment (tents, fishing rods…).

Sea Otter

Bray Yacht Design And Research Ltd.

Sea Otter was designed for an adult night school class I was teaching in boat building, in which nine boats were built at one time. Actually the principles of construction used in Sea Otter are the same as used in many of our larger designs.

Solo Packette

Trevor Paetkau

The Solo Packette is designed for those searching for pack canoe that they can carry to even through the most difficult approaches.

"Goldfish" - 7' 7"(2.30m) Kayak

Alex Bogdanov

“Goldfish” is the slightly smaller version of our “Happy Hour” fishing kayak. Splicing of plywood sheets is not required as is the case with “Happy Hour”. All parts of the boat fit within the length of a standard sheet of 1/4″ (6mm) exterior grade plywood 8′x4′ (2.4x1.2m).


Perttu Korhonen

Backsplash = backpack kayak.

Combine hiking and paddling
Go to fishing on remote lakes,
Build when storage space is limited.
Living on city? – take a boat on your back and walk to shore to for paddling?