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This 3-D animation is of the concept boat BIG BOY, a simple diesel-powered cruiser meant for a couple to travel the inside loop—the Hudson River, canals, and Intracoastal Waterway. Featured in the Sketchbook department of WoodenBoat magazine No. 279 (March/April 2021).


TRIXTER, designed by H.C. Hanson, was launched on April 21, 1934, at the Prothero & McDonald boatyard in Seattle, Washington. The owner, Foster Gibson, would have been well known to both the yard and the designer, since he managed the Edison Storage Battery Supply Company, a vendor of marine batteries.

A familiar sight in Florida waters, STING RAY V (today renamed STINGRAY) proved to be an able passagemaker on her many voyages between Fort Lauderdale or Boca Grande and New England.
Anyone who has built a boat knows that it is the near-perfect vehicle for teaching applied math and science, because these topics apply to all phases of a construction project. A boat can also be a vehicle for understanding a process that’s difficult to replicate on a screen. There are formulas, fractions, ratios, proportions.

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Great Lakes Class sloop

Built by the Burr Bros in 1960, this 36' beauty with a 10'9" beam was restored over seven years a