A Tandem Pedal Boat

by Laurie McGowan and Michael Schacht


WB No. 247: The design employs two H2Pro-Ped units, which have transom-mounted drives—outboard-motor style. Spinning the propellers in opposite directions will turn the boat in its own length, and one unit may be removed to allow for solo pedaling.

MISS BEHAVIN Particulars:

  • Length: 20′ (6.1m)
  • Beam: 30″ (0.76m)
  • Boat weight: 71 lbs (32kg)
  • Block coefficient: 0.44
  • Prismatic coefficient: 0.60
  • H2Pro-Ped unit weight: 28 lbs (13kg) each
  • Designed displacement: 478 lbs (217kg)

See more in Designs: Sketchbook, WoodenBoat issue 247.

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