Motorboats - Outboard

Riva Scoiattolo

Classic Wooden boat Plans-Riva 1953 original paper plans

At 14 feet this is Riva’s only outboard powered design. Originally designed in the 1950s, only some 150 were ever produced.

Barrelback 19 foot Custom

Classic Wooden Boat Plans

Original authentic copies are scarce for the 19 Barrelback, certainly no shortage of modified and self translated versions available. Due to lack of details and authenticated plans this version of a 19 foot barrelback should best be described as loosely designed around the Chris Craft 19 1940.

Peeler Skiff

John C. Harris

Designed by John C. Harris, this light but sturdy fishing and utility skiff—a “crab skiff,” as they’re known on the Chesapeake Bay—has been dubbed the “Peeler” after the Chesapeake slang for a local delicacy, soft-shell crabs.

PT Skiff

Bieker Boats/ Eric Jolley

The PT skiff is a very fuel efficient center console runabout that is good looking, has good handling, can carry a load, and is incredibly quick with only 20 horsepower.

21' Runabout

Colin Wood

When I first saw WoodenBoat Magazine’s boat design competition to design a modern wooden runabout, I was very excited. I’m sure most of the other competitors in this competition feel the same way.

Dillon Mini Vee Racing Outboard V-bottom

Robert Dillon

The Mini Vee is a simple-to-build v-bottom racing boat designed for APBA Mini GT and GT Pro racing. Also an excellent high-performance boat for the non-racer and a great boat building project for an individual or the whole family.

Dillon Pro Tunnel Racing Outboard Powerboat

Robert Dillon

The Pro Tunnel is an outboard racing tunnelboat designed for APBA class GT Pro, but also makes an excellent small high-performance boat for the non-racer, and a great individual or family building project.The Pro Tunnel is capable of 50mph+ with recommended power.

Lumber Yard Skiffs

Walter Baron

LYS stands for Lumber Yard Skiff. These rugged flat bottom work skiffs were originally designed to be built using materials readily found in most lumber yards- underlayment plywood and spruce framing.

Pelicano Shrimper

Sam Devlin

The drawing board of Sam Devlin has created another winner. The Pelicano Shrimper is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to maximize practicality in an 18' 4" package. The design has a small cabin forward, with enough space for a v-berth for the occasional overnight.

Almaguin 500

Matthew Marsh

A versatile, 5-metre utility runabout for cottagers, anglers and day trippers, ideal for the first-time builder.