Motorboats - Outboard

Tolman Skiff Standard

Renn Tolman

Tolman Skiffs are thoroughly modern, ocean capable, vee bottom stitch and glue plywood boats with a dory ancestry. These skiffs are designed for Alaskan waters and are ideal for sport fishing, beach camping, cruising and general work or recreation.

Deep V Inboard - Donzi Inspired

Classic Wooden Boat Plans

Based on the Donzi Sweet 16, this little treasure boasts a generous deep V at the transom allowing for smoother running and bad weather handling.

14' 6" Outboard Skiff, LITTLE MOBY

Charles Wittholz

A V-bottomed plywood skiff designed for rough water - a good fishing boat. Construction: Plywood planking over sawn frames. No lofting required. Plans include 5 sheets.

16' Gentleman's Runabout

Nelson Zimmer & John Hacker

A low-power, moderate-speed inboard runabout for protected waters. Designed for sawn frames and batten-seam planking.Construction: Battened-seam planking over sawn frames. Lofting required. Plans include 5 sheets.Please note: the Westerbeke 26G engine spec’d in the plans is no longer manufactured

18' Plywood Runabout, DOWNEASTER

Charles Wittholz

A deep-V bottomed, open runabout built of plywood over sawn frames.

Construction: Plywood planking over sawn frames

Lofting is required.

Plans include 5 sheets.

Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff

Joel White

Designed by Joel White, the original boat was built plank-on-frame by Jimmy Steele (of Peapod fame), but no plans were ever drawn-until now.

21' Pretty Marsh Runabout

Doug Hylan

21′ 2″ Inboard/outboard runabout, built of marine plywood.Several design options include center console, outboard as well as inboard/outboard.And, configurations also include different heights for the windshield.Construction: Plywood.Lofting is required.Plans include 5 sheets.

Albury Runabout

Albury Brothers / plans by Doug Hylan

Built by eye in the Bahamas for the last 40 years, Doug Hylan’s drawings allow for strip-planking or cold-molding.Construction: Strip-planked over laminated frames.Alternative construction: Cold-molded, plans included.Lofting is required.Plans include 6 sheets.

28' Bermuda Runabout

Nelson Zimmer

The longest runabout we offer, this 28' high-speed, triple cockpit runabout will also require highly skilled builders, but oh, the rewards...

Construction: Battened-seam planking over sawn frames.

Lofting is required.

Plans include 3 sheets.

14' 10" Runabout, RASCAL

Ken Bassett

A modified V-bottom, with constant deadrise in its after sections. Construction: Plywood and Mahogany over sawn frames. Alternative construction: Cold-molded, double laminated plywood. No lofting is required. Plans include 8 sheets.