Motorboats - Outboard

Riva Scoiattolo

At 14 feet this is Riva’s only outboard powered design. Originally designed in the 1950s, only some 150 were ever produced. A very rare outboard with limited images of original examples anywhere.The Scoiattolo is complete with flooring, bench seats, stem and keel, transom frame and dash, all gussets, timbers, and supports. Hull, side and deck thickness is specified according to original plans.Outboard is rated from 25 to 40 hp.A moderately expensive plan but it is detailed and painstakingly translated into full size modern PDF (Adobe reader) plans that can be printed off by the builder at large print shops like Kinkos.Please email for samples of the plans, at $25 per foot they offer peace of mind and confidence...

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