A tender for a musical ark

by Laurie McGowan


The electric motorsailer EOS is meant to serve as the tender to a 22′ St. Ayles skiff—a 22′, four-oared rowboat—that has been adapted to make music in an attempt to communicate with whales.


Featured in Design Sketchbook from WoodenBoat Magazine: This is the 3-D concept drawing and design profile you can read in WB No. 271, November/December 2019.

SEPHIRA, the St. Ayles Skiff, nests between the mothership catamaran’s two hulls when not in use. EOS’s 16′ beam makes trailering a manageable proposition. Slender, easily driven hulls in a catamaran configuration offer both speed and stability. The “biplane” rig can be set wing-and-wing on a dead run.


  • LOA: 36′ (10.97m)
  • Maximum beam: 16′ (4.88m)
  • Beam of hulls: 4.28′ (1.07m)
    (10:1 LWL L/B ratio)
  • Draft: 2′ 10″ (0.88m)
  • Displacement: (1⁄2 load) 11,356 lbs
    (5.15 tons)
  • Sail area: 920 sq ft (85.47m2)
  • Power: Twin Thunderstruck 10kW @ 48V electric motors with 2:1 reduction
  • Batteries: 8 100 Ah LiFePO4 12V
  • Wind generator: 600W
  • Solar panels: 600W total
  • Fresh water: 60 gal. (114 liters)
  • Wastewater tanks: 60 gal. (114 liters)
  • Passenger capacity: 12 day passengers, 8 overnight

Short winged keels counter leeway and house the propeller shaft apertures. Wishbone booms minimize running rigging, and a headsail can be set between the masts.

EOS’s articulating aluminum ramp eases launching and retrieval operations. Basic accommodations include a galley, dinette, and head.

The boat, which displaces slightly more than 11,000 lbs, is driven by twin electric motors. At 12kW (about 16 hp) the boat makes 7.5 knots; 26.5kW (about 35 hp) yields 10 knots.

Laurie McGowan is a Nova Scotia–based boat designer with a diverse on- and below-water work history. He specializes in energy-efficient commercial and pleasure boats. More of his work may be found at mcgowanmarinedesign.com.

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