Sailboats - Cruising

24' 8" Skipjack, CALICO JACK

Joseph Gregory

A shoal-draft, two-sail bateau from the Chesapeake - comfortable cruising for a couple and a daysailing party.

Construction: Traditional Chesapeake bateau construction.

Lofting is required.

Plans include 7 sheets.

Zimmer 21' Gaff Sloop

Nelson Zimmer

Centerboard sloop with inside ballast and two settee berths for coastal cruising.

Construction: Carvel planked over sawn frames.

Alternative construction: Strip.

Lofting is required.

Plans include 5 sheets.

11' 9" Acorn Skiff

Iain Oughtred

Elegant, lightweight, sailing/rowing skiff. Construction: glued lapstrake plywood. Alternative construction: carvel, strip. No lofting is required. Plans include 6 sheets and instruction booklet.

7.2 Meter PAKETI

David Payne

This 24' Australian design provides three arrangements to choose from-a small cuddy, or two cabin styles.

Construction is plywood with a single hard-chine.

Construction: Plywood planking over sawn frames.

Alternative construction: Strip.

Lofting is required.

13' Sailing Peapod

Doug Hylan

A most elegant lapstrake, plywood peapod for oar and sail.

Full-sized mold patterns are included.

Construction: Glued-lapstrake plywood.

Alternative construction: Traditional lapstrake.

No lofting is required.


Iain Oughtred

Construction: Glued lapstrake clinker plywood. Alternative construction: Traditional plank, cold molded and strip plank.

Sail Area: Lug 62 sq. ft.
Gunter sloop 72 sq. ft.
No Lofting required.
Plans include 6 sheets.

Babson 14

Tom Hill and Jon Wilson

Build the Babson 14 from scratch! Plans include three variations on the hull: sheet ply (like our kits), glue-lap-ply, power, suitable for up to a 2 horsepower outboard.Plans contain 16 sheets of drawings, full-sized mold patterns so no lofting is required (no offsets are included with the plans)

28' Canoe Yawl, Rozinante

L.F. Herreshoff / Modifications by Doug Hylan

This hypnotically striking canoe yawl ranks among the most admired designs of our time.

Construction: Carvel-planked over steam-bent frames

Alternative construction: Cold-molded

Lofting is required

Plans include 9 sheets

20' Maid of Endor

John Atkin

This 20′ cutter will prove challenging to build, but will reward your efforts with incomparable charm and grace.Atkin specifies traditional plank-on-frame construction.Construction: Carvel-planked over steamed frames.Alternative construction: Cold-molded or strip.Lofting is require.Plans include

11' 2" Shellback Dinghy

Joel White

This beautiful 11′ 2″ dinghy is similar in construction to the Nutshell Pram, although it is slightly larger, with a pointed bow.Construction: Glued-lapstrake plywood.Alternative construction: Traditional lapstrake.No lofting is required.Plans include 5 sheets.