Sailboats - Cruising


Karl Stambaugh

This cozy pocket cruiser combines simple sheet-plywood construction with more than a touch of elegance.Her board-up draft of 1′6″ lets you explore secluded coves and is easy to haul with a trailer.Construction: Plywood planking over sawn frames.Lofting is required.Plans include 6 sheets.

28' Sharpie EGRET

Ralph M. Munroe

Safe, seaworthy, shoal-draft double-ender, with a flat bottom and centerboard. Lofting is required. Plans include 4 sheets.

12' 10" Pooduck Skiff

Joel White

This dinghy could be considered a big little boat.

She has a lot of excellent qualities: excellent rowing and sailing ability, easy construction, and mannerly towing habits.

Construction: Glued-lapstrake plywood.

Alternative Construction: Traditional lapstrake.

25' Sea Bird Yawl

Charles G. MacGregor

A simple and seaworthy V-bottomed centerboard cruiser with accommodations for two.

Construction: Plywood planking over sawn frames

Lofting is required

Plans include 10 sheets.

37' 3" Yawl, Controversy 36

Mt. Desrt Yacht Yard

Designed for strip-planking, the Controversy 36 features light displacement and good headroom, with light and open space throughout.

Construction: Strip-planked over bulkheads and frames

Lofting is required.

Plans include 16 sheets.

27' 6" Sloop, Controversy

Mt. Desert Yacht Yard

This design has a built-down keel to provide a deeper bilge, a centerboard housed entirely within the ballast keel, and a straight sheer.

Construction: Strip-planked over bulkhead / frames

Lofting is required.

Plans include 8 sheets.

24' Sloop, Amphibi-ette

Mt. Desert Yacht Yard

This is a centerboard cruising boat for couples and small families. Lightweight and strong, it can be easily hauled with a trailer. Construction: Plywood topsides over bulkheads and stringers; strip planked bottom Lofting is required. Plans include 6 sheets.

14' Maine Coast Peapod

Joel White

Full-sized patterns for molds, so lofting is not required. Construction: Carvel-planked over steamed frames. Alternative construction: Lapstrake or strip. Plans include 4 sheets.

24' 9" Canoe Yawl WENDA

Albert Strange

A charming, shoal-draft, carvel-planked cruiser for two.Wenda possesses a timeless elegance.She’ll work her magic in the 21st century as she did in the 19th.Construction: Carvel planking over steamed frames.Alternative construction: Cold-molded or lapstrake plywood.Lofting is required.Plans inclu

22' 2" Cruising Sloop, Gray Seal

Iain Oughtred

Based loosely on the Folkboat, this plywood lapstrake double-ender combines comforting rough-water ability, and good looks.

Construction: Lapstrake plywood over laminated frames.

Alternative construction: Traditional plank on frame, strip or cold-molded.