Oar / Paddle


A stately 10′ rowing/sailing tender originally designed for my own first time build which is currently underway. I wanted an easy to construct boat, yet still retain the techniques and appearance of traditional lapstrake planking. The lines and construction details have been refined to better serve the first-time builder for ease of construction and material availability. This boat is designed with a plank keel and “false stem” eliminating the need to cut a rabbet. The yacht tender style stern also avoids the “tuck” seen in wherries and whitehalls. This is a vessel that can be build and stored (along with all of the tools & lofting board necessary) in a garage and the entire boat can be lofted on only a sheet and a half of 4x8 plywood. Lifting points and reinforcements can be added for a builder wishing to hang it on davits.The current plans are intended for traditional lapstrake construction fastened with copper rivets. They could be modified for glued lapstrake/plywood or for wide-plank plywood construction if desired.

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