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Northwest Passage

Plywood construction turns a corner in this new kayak.NORTHWEST PASSAGE has been designed to have all the features of the very best, multi-chine, touring kayak plans and kits on the market, plus a true round bilge without the hassle of building a strip planked hull. She tracks straight as an arrow, and turns with a gentle lean.   This 16’-2” boat is cut from 3 sheets of 4 mm marine grade (BS 1088) plywood and assembled on a simple mold.  Material costs about $450 and she takes about 120 hours to build.  Not for the first-time builder.  More details, lines and pictures at: www.sageboats.com/stock/np.html

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2005, 30' "ILONA"

This beautiful, seaworthy head turner of a cruising boat was designed and built by the renowned w

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