Steve Redmond's Whisp design provided the inspiration for Joe McAuliffe's KINGFISHER rowing skiff. Joe's design simplified construction in several ways, including using one plank per side rather than the three used for Whisp's lapstrake design and in having a straight fore edge rather than an outward-convex one on the inner stem. He also increased the beam by 2." Neighborhood trees provided wood for some key elements: the outer stem was made from a Siberian elm and the quarter knees were made from an Aleppo pine's natural knees. KINGFISHER has two "sibling" skiffs designed and built by Joe: 9'7" PUMPKINSEED, built 2005, and 7'11" LI'L LILY, 2007.

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Great Lakes Class sloop

Built by the Burr Bros in 1960, this 36' beauty with a 10'9" beam was restored over seven years a