BOB / #2925

Builder Name:
James Frederick Bland

San Francisco Pelican [12 foot] #2925 was launched Dec 12, 2022 at Austin Yacht Club after 1000 hours / 18 months of building. Plans and builders guide were purchased from Duckworks boat building supplies. Built in a traditional manner, Capt.


Year Built:

Built approximately 1971-1975.
I am in process of renovating this boat to be used as a cruiser.
If anybody can give me more information on the history I would appreciate.


Dave Seaman

21′ Planing Skiff


Builder Name:
Glenn Livingston

This heavy duty version of the Digger 17 skiff adds 6 inches of freeboard and optional self-bailing in addition to modified Bosworth check valves installed on the transom. Marine grade plywood, mahogany, cedar, douglas fir, and brazilian cherry used in the build.


32′ Friendship Sloop built in 1971


Year Built:

Y42 FLOTSAM was the last of the Yankees to be built by John Linderman in 1963. Built at Stone Boat Yard in Alameda, he used laminated frames and all bronze fastenings to construct this vessel and so far it has not needed major restoration.


Builder Name:
Angus Fraser

After 37 years as a superintendent and general superintendent at Howard S. Wright Construction, a Balfour Beatty company in Seattle, Washington, my retirement gift from my peers and the company was a complete Annapolis Wherry kit from Chesapeake Light Craft.