Year Built:

Cachalot was commissioned by my late father, Peter Sturtevant, and built by his friend, Joel White, over the winter of '69-'70.


Year Built:

Built in Astoria, OR. in 1912 as a freighter but spent most of her working career in S.E. Alaska as a salmon trap tender. Massively built of old growth Fir, Lillian's frames are double sawn 8"x 8" on 16" centers except in way of the 16-foot long engine beds where they are on 8" centers.


Alex Bogdanov

“Breeze” is a 10′ (3m) double paddle canoe. Two sheets of plywood needed. Stitch and glue construction using 3″(75mm) fiberglass tape in epoxy for all seams inside and out. The deciding factors when designing the boat were mostly the same as with all my designs - seaworthiness and lightweight.

Wee Lassie

Builder Name:
Andrew Green

Andrew Green recently launched his Wee Lassie canoe. This is the second Wee Lassie he has built. This one is 10′6″ long version weighing 31 lbs using the blue print plans created by Mac McCarthy and using instructions from his Featherweight Boatbuilding book.


Sharp-End Custom Classic (EGRET)

Beautiful Sharp-End after a design of the classic Sharpie “EGRET.” A particularly versatile ship, ideal for a day on the water, a weekend or even longer, partly due to its large storage spaces.