Oar / Paddle

Sasquatch 14-30

Matt Langenfeld

A stitch and glue touring canoe design 14' x 30" [4.3 m x .76 m]

13' 9" Rice Lake Skiff

Ted Moores

The Rice Lake Skiff is sure to be a very useful boat at the cottage for fishing, rowing or just knocking about.

Northwest Passage

Dave Kuperstein

NWP is a very low-drag touring kayak intended for paddlers weighing 150-200 pounds. Built from 4 mm plywood, in a garage, you can build two for the price of one kit! Heavier? try NWP XL.

Eureka 155 15'6" Canoe

Michael Storer

The Eureka is a pretty, simple to build plywood canoe built in stitch and glue, (44lbs down to 34) and paddles nicely. Very comprehensive plans - a boatbuilding course in a book.