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ATHEY weighs only 65 pounds and floats on the water like a leaf. She is built using Tom Hill style ultra-light techniques to produce a boat you can roll to the water with kayak or canoe wheels, drag on the beach and maintain easily.  With 7-1/2’ spruce oars, she has the optimum rowing efficiency Mr. Herreshoff originally intended, plus a transom to take an electric trolling motor.A moveable center thwart allows perfect trim for one or two fixed seat rowers while the forward thwart and three steamed or laminated ribs strengthen the glued lap-strake sides.  A drop in sliding seat fits.Her hull is built on a strongback with frames and ribbands for drawing out and clamping each pair of planks. Her bottom is 9 mm sapele or apitong marine ply, and her planking is cut from two sheets of 4’x 8’, 4 mm ocoume, one of 6 mm, (or ¼” fir plywood (4’x 8’or 10’).    Cost is about $450 and labor is about 220 hours.See lines, pictures and data at: www.sageboats.com/stock/athey.html

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2005, 30' "ILONA"

This beautiful, seaworthy head turner of a cruising boat was designed and built by the renowned w

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