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nano 2.6

The Nano 2.6 A Modern DIY Kid Skiff In the spirit of the original optimist pram, the Nano 2.6 is built primarily with off the shelf ordinary hardware store material. Because the kids will quickly outgrow it, an affordably built boat makes sense. The construction process is both simple and innovative (a sandwich of thin plywood spaced 2 inches apart) Thus producing a very lightweight boat. Besides better performance we feel that a light boat gets less abused because it is easier to carry and move around. Since it requires very little hardware the balance lug rig is very economical, and with the square top version improves it already proven efficiency. All spars are made of bamboo poles. The kit for the WoodenBoat show comes with the sail and foils. All you need to bring is a few tools, some paint of your choice and a weather shelter. Designer Eric McNicholl www.veloxdesign.webs.com emcnicholl@gmail.com

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Albury sloop

Albury sloop Little M built in Abaco Bahamas