Motorboats - Outboard

Jon Buoy

Jon Buoy is my adaptation of an extremely popular multi-purpose utility boat called a jonboat. You can see jonboats in use almost everywhere, and for good reason: They have proven over a very long time to be exceptionally handy boats for fishing, waterfowling, exploring and general protected-water cruising. The flat bottom hull allows them to operate in extremely shallow waters, and when it’s time to go ashore for camping or exploring Jon Buoy is built light and tough enough to be easily beached and carried to higher ground. Weighing only about 110 lbs., Jon Buoy can be car-topped, or rides nicely in the back of a pickup truck for quick launching, and at 11′-6″ x 4′-1″, it has enough capacity for up to three persons to stretch out comfortably and enjoy a day on the water.  Jon Buoy requires only 3 sheets of 1/4″ or 6mm marine plywood, and common lumberyard materials.

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