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Covid Boat

When Covid hit I realized I would have time to build a boat. So, I did, a Glen-L zip caught my eye and I got started. I wanted the look of the boat, but I also wanted to go fast so I over built and put on a bigger than suggested motor. First, I tried a 65 hp 1976 merc and my top speed was 40mph my goal was minimum 45mph. I started the build in August 2020 and finished in April 2022. So, after running the boat for the summer and not being able to make my goal I got a bigger motor. In April 2023 I got a 115hp 1989 merc. Needless to say, I hit my goal and as far as I know have the biggest motor, I know of on a zip. Glen-L would not advise this, but they do say the fun of building it yourself is you get to do what you want to do, so I did. I've had my fair share of boats, and this is the first one I really enjoy driving. So, for me covid was a win. Construction is Sapele mahogany frames with BS1088 6mm Meranti Hydrotek plywood hull 10oz fiberglass with 12oz biaxial taped seams. Decks are 6mm Sapele with 6mm Hydroteck sub deck. Transom is mahogany, fiberglass and Kevlar with stainless steel struts bolted thru the hull forward of the transom tied across all hull batons. Original plans call for 4 batons. I added 2 more and T-braced all of them.

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