Tyrone is Sam Crocker’s design #202 launched 1939 at the Simms Brothers boatyard in Dorchester, Massachusetts. 

Tyrone was commissioned by A.C. Tener of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tener wanted a rugged boat capable of crossing oceans yet able to be handled by himself, a hired captain and cook.

Tyrone is heavily built for her size with 1 5/8” mahogany planks bronze screwed to 5” double sawn oak frames on 16” centers. Her original mechanical compliment included a Lathrop Mystic 125 gas engine and a 3 Kilowatt two cylinder generator to run her refrigerator and other gear.

Tyrone offers 6 passenger sail training trips from Rockland Maine. Her owners are highly experienced sailors and also work as wooden boat shipwrights.


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