Since 2003 a crew of veterans have been restoring this 80 ft, 70 ton Viet Nam era PT boat at the Deland Navy Air Station Museum, creating a living tribute to the veterans who lived and many thousands who died serving our country.During restoration,PTF 3 continues to rest on it's cradle as a main static exhibit at DNASM. Economics dictate when we may reinstall her two DELTIC diesels and enable the original plan of mooring PTF 3 nearby as a Historic Museum, tourist attraction and fully operational training vessel for Sea Scouts, Navy Sea Cadets and any other interested youth groups. We are VERY proud of dedicated crew of volunteers who work tirelessly every Wednesday and Saturday(getting the job done) they have expertly rebuilt the hull, latterly from stem to stern, laminating,installing,removing,replacing and painting as they move along.The project has no committed regular source of income, we are actively seeking donations,volunteers and sponsors from the community. We are a 501 C 3 corporation. The Air station and PTF 3 welcome visitors.

From the Community