September / October 2021


Restoring the Old Bird

LARK, a 1932 Alden sloop recently restored by Gannon & Benjamin Marine Railway of Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, ghosts along under main and genoa in light air on Vineyard Sound.

My first encounter with the sleek and slippery LARK was at the start of a Moffat Cup Race in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, in September 1977. I was aboard “Commodore” Pat West’s 1910 gaff sloop VENTURE, pinching by the committee boat as the gun fired. Footing faster than us and pointing higher, LARK sailed through our lee, her big gaff mainsail trimmed flat, staysail and yankee jib sucking her upwind. A large man sat at the helm drinking a beer. Pat stared at the big sloop, glanced at the scratch sheet, and said, “She should give us more time.” Rail down, the lissome hull showed us her transom, with LARK lettered in gold leaf.

“Herreshoff?” I asked.

“Alden design,” said Pat. “Lawley built, like VENTURE.” Our wives were below, arranging a picnic lunch and tending the bilge pump, frequently.

“LARK doesn’t seem to be pumping as much as us, Pat.” His eyes still glued to her transom, he said, “Well, she is a newer boat.”

Most are, I thought.

Pat perused the scratch sheet again, and muttered, “More time, we need more time. I’ll have to talk to the race committee.” Then he lit his pipe and laughed. “She’s much newer. 1932!”

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