Wonders in Wood, on Land & by Sea


Audrain Automobile Museum
Wonders in Wood, on Land & by Sea exhibition on view March 18 thru June 11, 2023

Wood was the material of choice in boat building and the carriage makers’ trades for hundreds of years. Early automobiles followed suit. The wooden-bodied station wagons created by American, Italian, and English manufacturers from the 1920s thru the 60s were vehicles that also served as a canvas for the craftsman’s art in an era when coachbuilding was fading from prominence. Wooden boats and automobiles soon become fashionable luxury items in the early 20th Century. The “woody” created in many iterations evokes nostalgia for many of us! This exhibit will highlight iconic examples of boats and cars in wood, truly marvels on land and sea!

Audrain Automobile Museum
222 Bellevue Avenue
Newport, RI 02840

David de Muzio
Executive Director & Curator
(401) 450-2650

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Albury sloop

Albury sloop Little M built in Abaco Bahamas