Tiedemann Classic Yacht Regatta, Newport RI


Tiedemann Regatta will kick off the CYOA Challenge Series in 2023

The New York Yacht Club has announced dates for this year’s Robert H. Tiedemann Classics Regatta, to be held in Newport June 24th and 25th. The regatta will be the first event in the 2023 Classic Yacht Owners Association’s Challenge Series.

The CYOA Challenge Series includes a number of regattas throughout the northeast, from Rhode Island to Maine to Massachusetts to Long Island Sound. As with these other events, the Tiedemann Classics Regatta will have divisions for Vintage, Classic, Modern Classic, and Spirit of Tradition boats. One-design divisions may also be offered.

The Tiedemann Classics Regatta honors the legacy of Robert Tiedemann, remembered for his historic contribution to the preservation of classic yachting and promotion of the 12-metre class. Tiedemann, who passed away in 2006, was known for helping establish Newport as a center for the 12-meter class’s racing activities. He also famously restored two classic 12-metres: Gleam and Northern Light as part of the revitalization of the fleet. A recently restored Gleam will be returning to the regatta again as part of the celebration.


New York Yacht Club, Newport RI

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Boat Launchings

Boat Launchings

Wee Lassie

Andrew Green recently launched his Wee Lassie canoe. This is the second Wee Lassie he has built.

Boat Launchings


Cedar strips canoe of the Gil Gilpatrick 16′ Laker design.

Boat Launchings


CLC kit, Jimmy Skiff II.Launched on July 8th 2023, built in home garage by Michael Selby with ass