Longitude by Lunars


This is a two-day class that meets 10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 1, and Sunday, June 2.

Learn to shoot and work the math of "lunars," long considered the ultimate test of a celestial navigator. The Moon in "lunars" served as a great natural clock in the heavens. Applying the greatest math and science from two centuries ago, lunars today remain challenging and intricate and serve as window into the fascinating early history of navigation. Exploring logbooks from historic voyages (including HMS Bounty), we'll learn lunars from the navigators themselves. Created and taught by Frank Reed, one of the world's leading experts in celestial navigation.

For this class, it is recommended that attendees have completed an introductory course or equivalent experience in the use of a sextant and other basic concepts of celestial navigation. Previous attendance in the Celestial Navigation in the Age of Sail class is highly recommended, but not required. Good math skills and a rudimentary familiarity with trigonometry are recommended.

Members $140 per participant | Non-members $175 per participant

Hosted by Mystic Seaport Museum
75 Greenmanville Ave
Mystic, Connecticut 06355

Mystic Seaport Museum

PH: (860) 572 - 0711
Email: info@mysticseaport.org
Website: https://secure.mysticseaport.org/navigation/lunars

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