Castine Classic Yacht Race to Camden

On July 30th, a fleet of more than 40 classic yachts will race a 19.6nm course from Castine to Camden, to be followed by the Camden to Brooklin race on Friday, July 31, and the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta on Saturday, August 1.

For Race Notice, Registration, other information, please refer to

Your registration for this race may now be completed on the website. If you prefer to register by mail, download a registration form. Please return your entry as soon as possible. Please note that all yachts need a current CRF rating, which may be obtained online at

For 21 years the Castine Yacht Club has sponsored the Castine Classic Yacht Race to Camden, which has attracted a magnificent fleet of classic yachts from far and wide. This race has provided the backdrop for CYC to stage significant celebrations, such as those honoring Maine boatbuilders (2009, 2018, and 2020); lobster boats (2014); schooners (2015); and the designs of Herreshoff (2011), Fife (2012), Concordia (2013), and Nielsen (2017).


Race starts between flag buoy and bell “CH” off Dice's Head, Castine ~ Finish between committee boat flag mast and bell “R2” off Curtis Island, Camden, leaving the bell to port.

Committee @ ~ David Bicks 917-331-5482 ~ Tom Ashton 859-816-8015

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