Barefoot Raid


The 2020 Barefoot Raid will start and finish at the boat ramp in Degnan Bay, Gabriola Island. It will cover a 100 nautical mile course, in 15 legs, over seven days of racing through the Salish Sea, in coastal B.C. The fleet will be accompanied by a mothership providing three meals a day and other support. 

As the whole fleet can only move as fast as the slowest boats, an effort has been made to keep course lengths to that which can be done by the slowest of our group. While many small boat sailors prefer to just meander about, taking in the sights, others prefer to fly at blinding speed. In an effort to appeal to as many of the small boat types as is practical, this event will have classes. There will be a racing class and a cruising class, open to all boats no smaller than 12′ and no larger than what can legally be transported on a highway. In an effort to balance the spectrum of small boat types, some legs will be sailing only, while others will be rowing/paddling/pedaling (human-powered) only, and most will be whatever combination you prefer.


Gulf Islands, British Columbia

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