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1941 36' Stephens motor yacht

She's FREE to anyone who can take on the project. Beauty is currently at Spaulding Boatworks in Sausalito (SF Bay Area), out of the water. Engines and tanks were removed and sent to recycling (Both engines had their heads off and were salted over when I began looking at her. The seller reported one got seawater in the engine and the other began having seized valves.) The bilge has been cleaned and all personal belongings removed so virtually all of the frame is visible/accessible. Running gear has been removed and saved. Thru-hulls have been removed. There are breaks in the frames on both sides from bow to stern at the waterline, where there is the strongest bend in the frames. The frames under the engines have disintegrated or were cut out to fit new engines at some time. (it had Chrysler Crown 6-cyl. I'm not sure if original.) Frames near the shaft protrusion were cut for the shafts. Frames at the stern are rotted. There's not enough wood on the frames to "sister" onto in the aft half. She will need new frames for the aft half and sistering in the front half. All the keel bolts are iron. The keel seems to be firmly attached at the moment, but some of the keel bolts have rusted through and not holding anything. If these bolts aren't replaced now, they will need to be in the future. Many floor frames in the aft half are loose/missing. These "floor frames" are the sections that connect the two sides of the frames with the keel bolts. The stern has damage from where the boat came loose at the dock during a storm and rubbed hard for hours.

Spaulding has estimated something like 1400 hours at $165/hr to get her ready to accept engines (not including topside paint). Richardson Bay Boatworks has looked her over, I believe would be a better yard for the work than Spaulding, doesn't seem to think that much time is required, $95/hr, is located next door and can jump right on the project. Steve Hutchinson in Berkeley has worked on her before and I believe also could take over the project, although probably not for several months. Both of these options offer significantly lower hourly rates and probably a better work ethic than Spaulding.

Topside needs paint. The cabin has a few rain leaks and I think the lacquer looks amateurish, but not horrible. Needs the interior pilot house rebuilt. Most would probably upgrade the head and galley.

Needs new power, of course. Two 75-hp Volvo diesels have arrived in the Bay area that are available at the moment for about $24k each. Yanmars are a few months out, same price. Putting in new diesel engines would probably require new shafts and props ($6k?) Electric is an option for people only interested in restaurant hopping and could probably use the old running gear.

I was hoping to use her in the Bay Area for a season, truck her to the San Juans for a season, truck her to the East Coast for Intercoastal cruising, and eventually to my home in Fort Lauderdale, but she'd have to be very stout to handle that plan. I was expecting about $50k for the hull, $50k for engines, and another $25k for tanks and misc, but I won't spend twice that -- especially having to travel from Ft Laud to SF to manage the project and having to wait another season to use her. I hope she can find a new caretaker. Time is of the essence.


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