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Wynfall is a small but capable cruising boat -- although only 26' long, she has a waterline of almost 24', and displaces 9500 lbs.

We built the prototype for Wynfall in the Pacific Northwest, and she has proved a success in every way: well balanced and responsive, with a good turn of speed. She is also comfortable, having a remarkable amount of living and storage space, and an easy motion.

The success of the design is reflected by the attention she has received: she has been featured in WoodenBoat, Classic Boat, Waterkampioen, and Water Craft magazines.

Various boats have been built to the Wynfall design. One (Katla, built in Portugal), has made two Atlantic crossings.

Construction drawings include details for carvel and strip construction. Gaff and Bermudan rig options are also included, and she can be built with a keel or centerboard.

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