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Sandy Point Boat Works Whitehall 14

This 14′ pulling boat was inspired by the Typical Whitehall Designs uses as work boats of the harbors of New York a century ago. Altered to be more of a recreational boat, you will find that pulling the oars on this boat is a delight. She rows straight,fast and quiet.The plans for this boat include the patterns for all forms, mounting jigs and the details are given for everything from patterns for the floor timber layout to the supports that hold them up. If you are a first time builder, we offer a 4 DVD set covering over 10 hours of the building process which will take you from the initial setup of the building jigs to the final coat of varnish.These boat look great whether finished in varnish to show the wooden hull or with a quality paint offsetting the beautiful wooden hull on the inside of the hull. The distinctive lines of the hull and transom will turn heads.You can find more on this set of plans and and other Whitehalls and Wherries at www.sandypointboatworks.com

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Boat Launchings

Boat Launchings

Wee Lassie

Andrew Green recently launched his Wee Lassie canoe. This is the second Wee Lassie he has built.

Boat Launchings


Cedar strips canoe of the Gil Gilpatrick 16′ Laker design.

Boat Launchings


CLC kit, Jimmy Skiff II.Launched on July 8th 2023, built in home garage by Michael Selby with ass