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Roberts 19 Trailerable

This design is available as two different concepts. Version A or Version B. Version A has a centreboard made from 12mm (1/2") steel plate and an outboard rudder that can be arranged as either a kick up or dagger board type This means that with both raised the Roberts 19 only draws 270mm (10") draft. Version B features a raised deck which, with the trunk cabin, give's a minimum of 1350mm (4' 6") headroom. It also features a fixed keel which, as it only draws 600mm (2'), makes it easily trailerable.Both Versions are included in the study plans or complete plans package.The Roberts 19 can be built  in Wood Epoxy by the Molded Plywood method.  A complete set of plans and full size patterns are available for building in Wood Epoxy. Trailer plans are included in the complete set of plans package.

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2005, 30' "ILONA"

This beautiful, seaworthy head turner of a cruising boat was designed and built by the renowned w

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