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Frank Bates phoned me, wanting a lightweight outboard skiff that would be better looking than the usual aluminium or fiberglass boats of that size, suited to his 20 hp outboard, and which would cope with the rigours of fishing the rough and rocky coast around where he lived. He is not a skilled woodworker so that had to be considered when drawing the design, and so Rifleman is mostly plywood, can be built with basic tools and skills, will carry up to 5 for fishing and is light enough to be launched and retrieved off a beach or riverbank .Her performance with a small motor is a revelation for most boat owners, 8hp will move her along well, 20 hp makes her pretty lively and 30 hp makes her a real fire breather and able to carry a good load at speed in adverse conditions.  She is very economical to run.Her traditional looks mean that she is often mistaken for a well restored classic,  but her performance is very much that of a modern craft.

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Sakonnet 23 for sale

Well maintained (Ballantine Boat Shop) early 2000s Joel White design sailboat. New sails.