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Puur 17

The Puur 17 is a trailerable performance daysailer that’s been featured in Small Craft Advisor. The modern design is unsinkable, self-righting from knock-down, easy to solo, and comfortable for 2 adults with 2 kids. The optional lifting ballasted keel is interchangeable with the standard un-ballasted daggerboard, effectively giving you two boats in one build. Self-tacking headsail makes close-quarters maneuvers easy even when single-handing.

Puur’s innovative building system has been patented by the USPTO. Puur provides access to step-by-step digital assembly instructions with hundreds of high-res color photos of assembly steps, as well as a library of video tutorials on general methods and specific steps. Even first-time boatbuilders can achieve professional-grade results with the Puur Method.

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