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MINUETTO SPRINT, even if it is able to reach exceptional performance and exciting glides, has not been conceived to compete with the very top of the Mini Transat Class, which adopt much more sophisticated technical solutions, but at least to do well and give a good impression. Our Mini boats take up the initial spirit of the class without indulging in extreme solutions - which have affected the Mini Transats of the last generation. The boat has a beam of 3 m and a sail surface of 38 sq.m. The keel may be lifted by means of a tackle manoeuvred from the cockpit. The lead keel bulb, which lies in a very low position, together with a water mobile ballast, allows a generous sail surface. The interiors are essential but quite spacious and suitable for 4 people. The construction method is the "stitch and glue" type with fibreglass (or carbon) reinforcements in stressed areas. More information at:

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Albury sloop

Albury sloop Little M built in Abaco Bahamas