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KIS 4.7

We designed KIS dinghies in order to meet a very practical need of amateur boatbuilders. Since they often find themselves in trouble in building masts, sails and rig of their boats and are likely to spend in these items much more than what they paid for the materials to build the hull , we thought to design four boats, simple and easy to build, suitable to be rigged with spars and sails of four very popular dinghies : Laser , Flying Junior and 470. This allows the builder to easily find equipment and accessories for his boat, either buying them new from dealers either finding them on the second hand market.

The boat is compatible with the rig of the 470. This well-known dinghy, designed in 1963 by the French architect André Cornu, had an immediate success and it has been an Olympic class since 1976. Like all the Olympic classes which are not strictly monotype (as the Laser ), the 470 has become a very sophisticated, complicate and quite expensive boat. Our 4.7 does not share these features, but to a non racing sailor it offers performances fully comparable to those of the 470. We modified the cockpit adding a double bottom in order to make it self-draining and we have changed the design of the benches to facilitate the construction.

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Boat Launchings

Boat Launchings

Wee Lassie

Andrew Green recently launched his Wee Lassie canoe. This is the second Wee Lassie he has built.

Boat Launchings


Cedar strips canoe of the Gil Gilpatrick 16′ Laker design.

Boat Launchings


CLC kit, Jimmy Skiff II.Launched on July 8th 2023, built in home garage by Michael Selby with ass