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The Duo is a simple to build 3m (10ft) hard chine rowing and sailing dinghy that can be built from just two sheets of 4mm (3/16in) plywood. It is also available as a nesting dinghy, so it can be stored on a cabin roof or even in the back of a car. Typical build time for the basic rowing boat ready to paint is 35 hours.Duo is really two boats in one. The detachable, inflatable collars mean the boat is narrow on the waterline, as that makes the boat lighter and faster, especially when rowing or motoring with a 2hp outboard. Yet the collars mean the Duo remains safe, stable, dry and buoyant. Then, in sailing mode, with the collars removed and the “wings” added the Duo is a fast, fun and safe boat.

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Great Lakes Class sloop

Built by the Burr Bros in 1960, this 36' beauty with a 10'9" beam was restored over seven years a