Oar / Paddle

17' 9" Freedom

The Freedom line of canoes are built in high quality synthetic materials by Bluewater Canoes, Guelph, Ontario. A big volume efficient canoe.Steve Killing designed this big Freedom canoe for those who loved the feel of the 17, but simply needed to carry a bigger load. Whether it’s more people, bigger people or more packs for an extended wilderness trip, they will fit. The length, beam and freeboard have been increased with only subtle changes to the hull shape. The resulting stability is high. With slightly more rocker than many modern canoes, the Freedom series has gained back the turning ability found in traditional canoe shapes, without sacrificing the speed of the modern hull.“We haven’t forgotten that canoes should look good and this is one of the prettiest canoes you'll find.”

From the Community



Somes Sound 12 1/2

Somes Sound 12 1/2 designed by John Brooks of the WoodenBoat School.