Oar / Paddle

14' 0" Venture

Venture 14a sporty kayak for smaller paddlers This sport kayak is suitable for small adults and children up to a weight of about 140 lbs. The rocker at the aft end has been straightened to aid in straight line paddling — so necessary on a small boat made for cruising. The bow is slightly more vertical than either the Resolute or the Endeavour to be more in scale with its size. The boat has a perky feel with a springier sheer line, compact length and the upright bow. The beam although less than the Endeavour 17 will give an apparent stability equally as good because of the lower centre of gravity of smaller paddlers. With the lowest low speed resistance of all the kayaks it will be a pleasure to paddle in calm bays or open lakes.

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Great Lakes Class sloop

Built by the Burr Bros in 1960, this 36' beauty with a 10'9" beam was restored over seven years a