Doug Puckering launched two boats in May of 2004: a Steve Killing-designed 17' canoe and a Joe Greeley-designed 16'10' kayak. The canoe has a beam of 33-1/3" and weighs 50 pounds. Doug plans to use it in canoe segment of the Ski-to-Sea race on the Nooksack River. He used red cedar for the strip planking, Honduras mahogany for the trim, and yellow cedar for the sheer stripes. The kayak weighs only 36 lbs, with a beam just under 2.' He used a variety of wood in its construction: the hull is made of red cedar strips, bow canopy is from yellow cedar, stern canopy is of blue stain pine, Peruvian walnut was used for the trim, and the sun and moon decorations are from lacewood and spalted maple burl, respectively.

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