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Petrel Sport

This 16' x 21" [4.9m x 53cm] strip planked kayak is adapted to comfort and responsiveness in active water. The nearly plumb bow and stern provide a long waterline in a compact package, allowing a good turn of speed in manageable size. Steady and assuring stability provide comfortable navigation through turbulent conditions. A roomy cockpit accomodates larger paddlers and frees up your lower body for efficient, powerful forward strokes. Lots of rocker creates agile maneuverability. The transitional chine — Soft forward and Hard in back — enables precise edging control for carving turns. Ample capacity to carry gear makes the Petrel Sport a great boat for multiday trips, while still being a lot of fun for day paddles. This design can be built with flush wooden hatches or the watertight rubber hatches typical of production sea kayak designs. Drawings for either option are included.

The plans include details on the dimensions, construction techniques, and optional features of the kayak. Including information on the design, materials, and assembly of the kayak, as well as templates for cutting holes for hatches and the cockpit. It also includes instructions for building the coaming and installing the recessed hatches. ​ Additionally, it provides detailed steps and measurements for installing both recessed "VCP" style and flush wood hatches on a kayak, including cutting holes in the deck, fitting rings, applying fiberglass, installing gaskets, gluing the rings in place, reinforcing the hatch cover edge, and sanding and cleaning up the surfaces. ​ It also includes patterns for installing bulkheads.


  • Sixteen  24" x 36" [61cm x 91cm] Drawing Pages including: An overall drawing, a full size "stacked" form drawing showing all the forms and then all the forms drawn individually and at full size, Patterns for both recessed and flush hatches, Bulkhead patterns, a recessed deck mounted compass and extensive annotation to guide you through building this sea kayak plan.
  • Kayak Building Notes: These notes provide supplemental information such as bill of materials for each design.


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