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  • The October 2015 Issue of

    Small Boats Monthly

    An on-line magazine crafted especially for those who store and maintain their boats at home.

    • The Caracal—Born by a beautiful bay
    • SCAMP—A little camp cruiser for big dreams
    • Rowing and sailing the Sea of Cortez
    • Square Rigs for Small Boats
    • A rowing skiff made of an unusual wood
    • Aeré beach rollers & proper oars

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  • September/October 2015, Issue 246

    WoodenBoat Magazine

    • How I Build a Boat
    • The Rebirth of Skuutje WR60
    • The WHIRLWIND Debacle
    • The Case for the Gaff Vang
    • Runabout Restoration
    • A Sound Boat and Simple Living
    • Technology in the Boatshop

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The Whiskey Plank

Whiskey PlankWoodenBoat magazine contributors write a series of blogposts.

Read the latest “Boatbuilding in South Florida: Part Two—Key West” by Reuel Parker.

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Extended Content

EUREKAExtended content from issues of WoodenBoat magazine: Articles, Sketchbook, videos, and photographs, posted here relate to specific issues of WoodenBoat.

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Boat Plans & Kits

If you’re in the market for a boat to build, this is a fine place to start. And if you are a designer offering plans or kit boats, we invite you to enter your information, there is no charge! This is for boats of ANY hull material.

Build This Boat!

Bevins Skiff photoYou have an opportunity to build this boat, at no charge — as long as you build it with kids.