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Ladva 500

During rise of the nautical tourism on east Adriatic coast in late 1980s, there was a lack in offer of smaller sailboats for day rent and sailing lessons. Ladva 500 was designed to satisfy that need and to be build in wood for more demanded clients and for DIY building and in GRP for mass production. Massive wood skeleton gives opportunity to use all kinds of exotic fine looking hardwood or to save money with the rest of some prior construction and of course, a lot of pleasure in carpentry works with simple hand tools. Plans contains all needed drawings and tips to explain making process of each part from raw board to final shape, that amateurs will easily understand. That’s why building plans are abundant and consists of more than 300 drawings accompanied with 25 page text booklet. For experienced amateurs drawings and tips on them are enough to make correct part, and textbook is useful help to novices in that amazing craft.

Except for sailing lessons and daysailing rent, boat is designed for nautical camping while sleeping under tent on shore or under awning stretched over boom. Room in cockpit and baggage compartments make long distance sailing comfortable for two with all provisions they may need. Heavy steel fin, lightwood mast, heavier wood for lower parts and lighter for higher one, with relatively broad waterline and high freeboard makes good stability, appropriate seakeeping and safe and dry sailing.

Ladva 500 is trailerable long voyage daysailer, prepared for DIY build, using massive wood for skeleton and plywood plating. Pure pleasure for keen amateur woodworkers. Propulsion by sails, motor and oars. Sleeping for two in cockpit. Detailed plans describes all phases of builiding by drawings, tips and text in booklet.

Study plans, Complete building plans
Full size patterns of all structural members, lofting no needed
Patterns plotting file for free, no extra charge
Awailable via e-mail or Post

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