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  • The November 2015 Issue of

    Small Boats Monthly

    An on-line magazine crafted especially for those who store and maintain their boats at home.

    • A versatile fisherman-friendy outboard
    • A dory for sail, oars, and outboard
    • Whitehalls on the Colorado
    • A kayak fisherman's fantasy
    • Simple comfort built around a camping pad
    • Sharp-toothed tools

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  • November/December 2015, Issue 247

    WoodenBoat Magazine

    • Spaulding Dunbar’s Masterpiece
    • A Pioneering Sportfishing Boat
    • SJOGIN
    • Runabout Restoration: Part 2
    • A Hybrid Motorsailer
    • Traditional Boats of Greece
    • Laminating Frame Repairs
    • Preserving traditional boats and
      a vanishing way of life
    • Repairing Glued-Lapstrake Hulls

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    International Maritime Film Festival

    Celebrating the heritage, spirit of adventure, and ingenuity of maritime pursuits.


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The Whiskey Plank

Whiskey PlankWoodenBoat magazine contributors write a series of blogposts.

Read the latest “Boatbuilding in South florida: Part Three—Fort Pierce” by Reuel Parker.

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Extended Content

EUREKAExtended content from issues of WoodenBoat magazine: Articles, Sketchbook, videos, and photographs, posted here relate to specific issues of WoodenBoat.

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