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Save A Classic


A Roundup of 100 Classics

by Maynard Bray, Robin Jettinghoff, and Patricia Lown

“How many actually get new owners?”
“Do any of these classics really get saved?”
“We hear these questions often, so it’s time for a response.”

In WoodenBoat No. 228, we published this article about the 100 boats that have appeared in “Save a Classic” since the series started in issue 148. The boats are listed below with their names, types, and the issue in which they appeared.

We’ll be posting new information as it arrives, you can also post what you know of these boats, as well. This is a work in progress so check back often.


MADDY SUE photo by Douglas Brooks MADDY SUE
36′ Clement lobster yacht, WB No. 222, BEING RESTORED
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MASHNEE photo 1 by Maynard Bray MASHNEE
46′ Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 30, WB No. 179, RESTORED
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MIRACLE, 35′ Eldredge-McInnis sloop MIRACLE
35′ Eldredge-McInnis sloop, WB No. 209, STILL AVAILABLE
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MORNING STAR, Chaisson motorsailer MORNING STAR
30′ 1939 Chaisson motorsailer, WB No. 213, WITH NEW OWNERS
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OLD BALDY photo 1 by Dave Harris OLD BALDY
25′ Pemaquid Friendship sloop, WB No. 216, RESTORED
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ORPHEE III, 90′ Alden/Bugatti schooner ORPHEE III
90′ Alden/Bugatti schooner, WB No. 205, DESTROYED
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PAULINE photo by Maynard Bray PAULINE
83′ passenger ferry, ex–sardine carrier, WB No. 218, STILL AVAILABLE
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A “Downeast 42” power cruiser, WB No. 235, Still Available
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PENCHANT, trawler yacht PENCHANT
41′ 7″ PENBO trawler yacht, WB No. 230, STILL AVAILABLE
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32′ Elco Cruisette, WB No. 221, SEEKING MORE INFORMATION
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PLOVER, Culler liveaboard ketch PLOVER
34′ Culler liveaboard ketch, WB No. 211, WITH NEW OWNER
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POCAHONTAS, 31′ Yankee One-Design sloop POCAHONTAS
31′ Yankee One-Design sloop, WB No. 227, WITH NEW OWNERS
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56′ Nevins sloop, WB No. 188, BEING RESTORED
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PRINCEZA, Robb cruising sloop PRINCEZA
39′ Arthur Robb cruising sloop, WB No. 202, STILL AVAILABLE
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Photo courtesy of Frank Bender QUEEN
A Classic Hand Motorsailer, AVAILABLE
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RUTH ANNE II, converted sardine carrier RUTH ANNE II
52′ converted sardine carrier, WB No. 224, WITH NEW OWNERS
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SABRINA, pocket cruiser SABRINA
24′ Aage Nielsen pocket cruiser, WB No. 198, AGAIN AVAILABLE
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Baltic Trader, WB No. 158, WITH NEW OWNERS
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SARA L, 43′ Alden schooner SARA L
43′ Alden schooner, WB No. 193, WITH NEW OWNERS
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SCIMITAR, Arthur Robb motorsailer SCIMITAR
40′ Arthur Robb motorsailer, WB No. 202, WITH NEW OWNERS
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