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Barkley Sound Oar and Paddle Ltd.

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Barkley Sound Oar and Paddle Ltd was started by Ken Lott in 1983 as Barkley Sound Marine. Initially the business was repair and maintenance of wooden boats, and oar making developed as a sideline. In 1988 the present location was acquired and a new shop constructed. By 1990 oar manufacturing became the main activity, and since then wooden boat repair has become a hobby. In 1996 Barkley Sound Marine was formed into Barkley Sound Oar and Paddle Ltd with Ken and Cindy Lott as shareholders.

From the very first pair of oars that I made I have always focused on producing a high quality product suited to the needs of my customers be they recreational rowers, sport fishermen, commercial fishermen, ship owners or government agencies.

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Barkley Sound Oar and Paddle, Ltd.
3073 Van Horne Rd.
Qualicum Beach
B.C. Canada
V9K 1X3